Sonntag, 17. August 2008

Suche Stempel

hallo Mädels, ich versuche jetzt mal mein Glück hier. Ich suche folgenden Stempel.

1755H Baby Kitty so heißt er. Falls ihn jemand verkaufen möchte, der melde sich bitte bei mir.

Hallo Girls, i surch this Stamp, please. Who can help me, to find it. I want it to buy. Thanks.. 1755H Baby Kitty


Christine (Craftling) hat gesagt…

Hi, Moni.. I have this stamp, but I don't want to part with it. Would you like some stamped images? I would be happy to stamp some off for you.

You can email me through my blog profile if you like.

Chris xx hat gesagt…

I am working on this for you! Email me again tomorrow if you haven't heard back from me..SMILES!

paylin hat gesagt…

This is a lovely card, those colour are great and I love your stamp for the challenge. thanks for your comments on my blog.

Have a great day